Digital ninja eller adekvat utvecklare?


23 maj, 2019
Digital ninja eller adekvat utvecklare?


Vi gillar konton som digitala ord, som finns till för att på ett enkelt och pedagogiskt sätt utbilda i djungeln av förkortningar. Kanske är majoriteten av termerna nya för dig? Eller kanske är samtliga, tvärtom, så bekanta att du börjat fundera på vad de egentligen betyder. Då kan du vända dig till unsucked it för vägledning i de knivigaste av situationer. Nedan följer ett urval av klargöranden.



”To get the best ROI marketers must move towards incorporating a holistic approach to include assists across the marketing funnel.”
Unsucked: With regard to the whole rather than its component parts. A term used by managers who shop at Whole Foods.

Content creation

”White papers and case studies are static content creation—the biggest challenge for companies will be content creation on the fly.”
Unsucked: Writing.


”As each member of the region has certain products and services that can benefit the other members, we can effectively cross-pollinate best in class products and services across the region.”
Unsucked: Share ideas. Terrible misuse of a biological reproductive term.

Culture Fit

”The ideal candidate may become a disaster if he doesn’t fit company culture, but how do you screen for something as nebulous as culture fit?”
Unsucked: Degree to which one is amenable to discussing sports and tits in the workplace.

Touch base

”The regional sales director said it was vital to return this year to touch base with current suppliers and buyers.”
Unsucked: Pat lightly on the buttocks, particularly to establish rapport during business dealings.

Curate, Curation

”Our blend of research, news, curation, and user-generated content is holistic and what we call ‘content with utility.”
Unsucked: This is a picture of a cat. There are many like it, but this one is my find.

Low-hanging fruit

”Our budget’s tight on this one, so we need to go right in for the low-hanging fruit.”
Unsucked: Testicles.

Web 2.0

”Our online presence can improve greatly by incorporating Web 2.0 philosophies.”
Unsucked: Comments, drop-shadows and tag clouds.

Action item

”We need to come away from this meeting with a list of action items.”
Unsucked: Task. Also, an up-and-coming band out of  New Jersey.

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